Brochure Copywriting

How To Use Brochures and Direct Mailers Effectively to Sell Your Products and Services

“But people don’t even look at the brochures anymore, they just throw them away. Then why should I use them, Abhishek?”

This is one of the common questions I get from the startup owners.

Do you agree with them?

I don’t.

Because, I have seen that people NEVER throw away a valuable piece.

They throw away only those brochures/direct mailers which :

  • Don’t connect with them emotionally
  • Have confusing messages that sound too technical
  • Don’t have a correct flow of information
  • Don’t have any value for them
  • And full of garbage information

Please understand that a brochure is NOT just a fancy piece of paper where you can put your company logo and fill it up with your product features or service offerings, line by line.

It’s much more than that.

A Right Type of Brochure or Direct Mailer Must Have:

  1. A sensible flow of information that is scannable, easy to understand and well-organized.

2. Attention grabbing headlines and subhead-lines along with the persuasive information in short paragraphs.

3. It must explain your products and services to your customers very well with features, benefits and value proposition.

4. It must answers the question in every customer’s mind, “What’s In It For Me?” with clear and concise offers.

5. And finally, it must have the eye-catching “Call to Action” that inspires your customer to respond to your ads and offers.

Successful business owners use these types of brochures to promote their products and services since long time. It worked for them in the past and it still does.

It can work for you too. Want to know how?